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    Grit Al

    Author: Published:2015-05-30 Views:1074

    Grit Al

    Process for the production of aluminum steel grit: it properly identified grit and aluminum metal temperature range, control of grit in the 260 ~ 310 DEG C, metal aluminum in 740 DEG C, so that the two slow flows into aluminum liquid steel grit crystallization wheel groove mixing, cooling, on the one hand ensures the aluminum metal fluidity and viscosity coefficient, and considering the combination with aluminum liquid crystal, due to temperature selection of appropriate, making molding products, evenly mixed, to ensure the stability and consistency of products. On the other hand, liquid aluminum and steel grit hybrid position within a narrow crystallization tank, crystallization tank external water cooling system, not only easy to shape, and can rapidly cooling, crystallization, improve the work efficiency. Steel aluminum rod forming, according to the needs of steel mills, steel aluminum will be rolled into blocks near the square, to meet the various needs of manufacturers.
    Specification: 2:8 steel 3:7 optional proportion of the proportion of DNA
    Effect: aluminum steel grit is substitute for aluminum deoxidation of the latest products, with high purity steel grit to the irregular shape of the diffusion in aluminum liquid solidified, compared with the pure aluminum deoxidation and uniform dispersion of grit can increase the proportion of products, extend the time of aluminum in molten steel, so as to make them fully and steel for interface reaction and improve the deoxidization ability, raise recovery ratio of aluminum. And compared with pure aluminum deoxidation, compared with steel aluminum deoxidation has the advantages of flexible adjustment, reduce the labor intensity.

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