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    Ma Kai, the Secretary General of the State Council, made an important speech at the forum for promoting the application of aluminum.

    Author: Published:2015-05-29 Views:1068

    State Councilor and State Council Secretary General Ma Kai, 25 in "promoting the application of aluminium forum" stressed that to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, with a global vision, strategic thinking and long-term vision, to explore the grasp the raw materials industry, the law of development, and the transformation of our country raw material industry development mode, accelerate the realization by the power of raw materials to the transformation of raw material power.
    Ma Kai fully affirmed the remarkable achievements of the raw materials industry in our country since the reform and opening up, and pointed out the difficulties and problems in the development of our country.. He stressed that the promotion of raw materials for the sustained and healthy development of the industry, for accelerating the industrialization and modernization of our country has a very important significance. To focus on the following: first, the real transformation of development methods. Focus on promoting technological innovation, and intensify technological innovation, accelerate the development of the original material industry on innovation driven and endogenous growth trajectory. Two is to vigorously promote industrial structure optimization and upgrading. Strengthen government guidance, give full play to the role of market mechanisms, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, increase mergers and acquisitions, and accelerate the upgrading of the industry. Three is to accelerate the development of new materials industry. Closely around the national economic and social development of major demand, and vigorously improve the new material innovation ability, and vigorously develop new functional materials, high-performance composite and advanced composite materials. Four is actively promote the development of raw materials for industrial green. To to promote the efficient use of design and development of ecology, production process clean, resources, environmental impact minimization as the goal, increase energy-saving emission reduction efforts, enhancing the ability of sustainable development of industrial raw materials. Five is to strengthen the international economic and technical exchanges and cooperation. Sincerely welcome foreign enterprises to use capital, technology and personnel advantages, and actively participate in the technological innovation of China's raw materials industry, restructuring, energy saving and new materials industry foster development.
    Ma Kai pointed out that to insist on maintaining stability of the overall tone of the work, dependable growth in a more important position, through a more solid and effective work, efforts to promote the sustained and healthy development of the aluminum industry. Through the system of innovation, technological innovation, management and innovation, and vigorously improve the quality and efficiency of the development of the industry. To actively explore the domestic and foreign markets, to vigorously develop the high-end application of aluminum market growth as a stable industry an important measure, the government should increase policy support and industry associations to strengthen the organization and guidance, enterprises should develop marketable products, efforts to expand the application of aluminum in the transportation, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, and other fields.
    To promote the application of aluminum forum by the State Department counselor and Chinese Nonferrous Metals Industry Association jointly organized. Forum to enhance the application of aluminum in China, and promote energy-saving emission reduction, and promote the healthy development of China's aluminum industry as the theme. Relevant state departments responsible comrades, part of counselor of the State Council and researcher of engage by special arrangement, domestic aluminum industry enterprises, universities and research institutes the representative, nonferrous metal industry, academicians, experts, international organizations, foreign large aluminum enterprises some representatives and envoys, a total of about 350 people attended the forum.