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    Nonferrous Metals: good aluminum processing and industrial chain

    Author: Published:2015-05-29 Views:1018

    Overseas bauxite supply is not as expected as the tension. Research found that at the beginning of the year in Indonesia banned bauxite export and domestic bauxite stocks fell for a time, but after adjustment, imports of bauxite production enterprises quickly find the alternative, at present, China's major source of bauxite in Australia, India, Malaysia, South America and Africa to.
    Australia has become the largest supplier of bauxite in China, and now in July, China's imports of about 3000000 tons of bauxite, Australia's imports reached 1660000 tons, accounting for more than 50%. Moreover, many of the imported bauxite consumption companies are in Australia and other well-known bauxite supplier signed a long-term agreement, this part of the bauxite supply is guaranteed, and the price volatility is small. Overall, Australia's bauxite exports and exports will also increase. Especially the Rio Gove mine was suspended in 2014 the alumina plant production, focusing on exports of bauxite.
    At present, Gove bauxite export capacity of 6000000 tons, to 2015 will upgrade to 8000000 tons. At the same time, on behalf of the domestic bauxite consumption enterprises also in advance of other sources of bauxite development, such as India, July statistics show, China from India's imports of bauxite 90 million tons, while India has increased export tariffs and the mining tax, but the imports of Indian iron ore prices did not produce substantial influence, with the release of production capacity, the future of India to China's exports of bauxite is expected to continue to grow.
    In addition, Malaysia, South America and other imports can not be ignored. In the long term, the domestic bauxite import enterprises also actively expand the source of bauxite in Africa and other places, and made a lot of progress.
    Bauxite port inventory of about 3500 tons, is expected within 6 months of the decline is not. At present, most domestic bauxite imports of bauxite consumption enterprise inventory are relatively abundant, part of the enterprise's inventory even more than the amount of 1 year, by July of 300 million tons of monthly imports and consumption of 300 million tons of capacity is expected, adequate bauxite inventory situation will continue.
    Alumina prices, but the output of alumina companies expansion. Since June, China's alumina output growth is sluggish, alumina production in July rose only 2%, 1-7 month cumulative production grew by 5%, and electrolytic aluminum prices, output growth unabated (cumulative growth rate of 7.46%), the recent price of alumina uptick in. At present, some of the alumina production capacity utilization and there is no small room for improvement. With the rise in the price of alumina, these companies can improve the utilization of capacity will be.
    Electrolytic aluminum production capacity, the second half of this year, the representative of the company still has a lot of electrolytic aluminum production will enter the release, the release of future electrolytic aluminum production may slow down. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, China's electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 2965000 tons, the second half of the year there are still 2370000 tons of capacity will be invested, which Xinjiang area will have 1230000 tons of capacity delivery. Expected from next year to electrolytic aluminum production capacity of the pace of growth is expected to slow, especially with Xinjiang pithead coal prices and transportation costs rise, Xinjiang electrolytic aluminum electricity cost advantage is increasingly being rising transportation costs, increasing the difficulty of management and other and.
    Some enterprises believe that the cost of Xinjiang electrolytic aluminum and the Shandong area has the cost of electrolytic aluminum plant enterprises gradually close to. In addition, suspend production for the first half of the domestic electrolytic aluminum production capacity will continue to resume production, in production in the first half of 18.95 million tons of production capacity, 121 million tons of plans to resume production, and production capacity of about 70 million tons is back up and running.
    Under the current price level, there are some enterprises with the power plant, the current electrolytic aluminum production costs have already been more generous profits, the capacity has been full of production. Can be expected in electrolytic aluminum production capacity delivery speed reduction, promote enterprises to resume production, rapid growth of aluminum supply situation will continue.